Halfway Mark: Fair funding

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Halfway Mark: Fair funding

The Fair Funding initiative is running within the eLife Community Ambassador program for the second year. Our goals are to create awareness amongst early-career researchers (ECRs) of good practices regarding fair funding, and to start a discussion in the scientific community (amongst and between scientists, funding bodies, and universities) about these practices and possibilities to implement and improve these in all funding schemes.

This year, eLife has published an article based on the earlier blogpost we wrote to inform our peers on fair practices in funding opportunities.

We are currently writing a white paper on what we believe should be improved in existing funding schemes to create fair and more inclusive opportunities for ECRs. We aim to present and distribute it to funding organisations in Spring 2020.

Furthermore, we closely work together with ECRcentral and Intersectionality initiatives to increase visibility of funding opportunities for early-stage scientists, and to create guidelines for grant reviewing to decrease bias and increase objective decision making, respectively.

Members involved in this initiative:
Lotte de Winde, Pari Kritsiligkou, Sarah Hainer, Nafisa Jadavji, Sarvenaz Sarabipour, Sejal Davla, Amreen Mughal, David Eccles, Mansour Haidar, Alexandra Stolyarova, Devang Mehta, Tai-Ying Lee, Freyja Olafsdottir

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