Halfway Mark: Anti-bullying initiative

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Halfway Mark: Anti-bullying initiative

The main goal for the anti-bullying initiative is to raise awareness about bullying in academia, create strategies of how to recognise and reduce bullying and support the victims.

Our current projects include:

Our long-term projects include launching our survey, compiling our survey results into a blog post, putting together an anti-bullying forum where anyone can share their story, and making a bullying awareness video.

We will be meeting monthly to work on accomplishing our initiative goals. Feel free to reach out on Discourse, if you’d like to contribute to our initiative.

We hope that once we launch our survey on academic bullying you will participate and also share the survey with your network.

Members involved in this initiative:
Nafisa Jadavji, Pawel Grzechnik, Renuka Kudva, Emily Furlong, Sarah Hainer, Gyan Prakash

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