Halfway Mark: Data Reuse Initiative

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Halfway Mark: Data Reuse Initiative

Motivation for the Data Reuse Initiative is to make open data sharing interesting, accessible, and educational. Our target audience ranges from the eLife Ambassadors initiative to interested open data creators and sharers worldwide. Currently, our initiative has three tracks: empirical inquiry, promotion of community standards, and education. By the end of the current program, we aim to implement the following:

  • educational products such as microcredentials, short course materials, tutorials, infographics, and blog posts.
  • survey design to determine current and best practices.
  • bibliographic resources and community infrastructure (website, public lectures).

We have made progress on all three of these fronts. In terms of educational products, we celebrated OAWeek with an infographic and the debut of our two badge microcredential series. These events were publicized on Synthetic Daisies blog.

We are looking for community testimonials of how individuals and research groups reuse data. We have also had a public lecture given at the SciLife Lab: Reproducibility and Data Reuse in Life Science symposium by initiative participant Huajin Wang (Novel and upcoming approaches for data reuse). We would also like to develop some topical tutorials by the end of the calendar year.

Members involved in this initiative:
Bradly Alicea, Bhavik Nathwani, Marije Verhage, Huajin Wang, and Sarvanez Sarabipour

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