Halfway Mark: Career development

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Halfway Mark: Career development

Developing a diverse set of skills and experiences sets one up for upcoming opportunities both in and outside academia. The career development initiative will compile resources for exploring STEM careers, provide information on and for career development offices across different institutions and inspire reflection on how to personalize career development for successful job attainment.


  • Survey to assess breadth, access to, and satisfaction with institutional career development services.
  • Interview of career development offices on what they offer, whether they track careers of alumni and information on workshops they provide.
  • Development of a modular workshop for mentors to aid career development of mentees in collaboration with the mentoring initiative.
  • Blog post series with interviews of individuals who have transitioned out of academia into different professions (e.g public health, science policy etc.).

Our survey is open for responses – please contribute!

We are in the process of connecting with career development offices across the world. This networking will directly feed into development of the blog post series. Finally, for the workshop, we are preparing three modules: a case study, PhD career trajectory concept map and a guided, individualized discussion on resources.

Members involved in this initiative:
Sundar Naganathan, Amanda Hurley, Sarvenaz Sarabipour, Paraskevi Kritsiligkou, Michael Bartlett, Stephanie Moon, Natalia Bielczyk

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