Boosting ECR involvement in peer review

1 min read

Time and time again I have had discussions with early-career researchers who want to get involved in peer review, but do not have the opportunity. On the flip side, I have heard many academic editors eager to increase the pool of reviewers they can draw on to handle manuscripts. The problem is always one of awareness, editors simply don’t know quickly who they can call on beyond their usual list of reviewers. After discussion with editors there are a few things they need to know before calling on someone including: their list of publications, a personal website, and keywords highlighting their expertise.

As an effort to address this issue we are setting up a database of individuals willing to undertake peer review. The aim will be to share details with interested academic editors from society journals and non-predatory publishers on a case by case basis with the hope of increasing opportunities

If you are interested to take part you can submit your details here. For further information please contact me at sburgess011 [at] gmail [dot] com.


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