Hello! Welcome to ecrLife.

Pursuing a career in science can be a fantastic experience. It can offer an intellectual challenge with the potential to make lives better, by making new discoveries and finding solutions to real world problems.

However, the process of producing and disseminating research is imperfect. Advances in digital technology mean there is potential to improve the way people are trained, how outputs are shared, the way work is recognised, and how science is performed, assessed and communicated.

In addition, there are many cultural challenges to be addressed, ranging from gender equality to recognising and supporting diversity in the workspace.

I am inspired by individuals who strive to improve the world in which they work. Their efforts are vital to realising a better system for everyone. The purpose of this blog is to highlight initiatives and provide a resource for those looking to find out more about causes they care about.

Myself and Sonia Sen will be curating this blog and any feedback is welcome. If there is something you would like to see represented let us know, and feel free to contact us if you have ideas for posts.


This image was reproduced under a CC BY 2.0 license, source: Guillemin, Amédée: El mundo físico : gravedad, gravitación, luz, calor, electricidad, magnetismo, etc., Barcelona Montaner y Simón, 1882.

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